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The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) is the national association for the manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) products in the UK. We currently represent over 230 members, ranging from British start-up companies to UK subsidiaries of multinational corporations.

All IVD companies, irrespective of their national origin, are eligible to become members and to nominate individuals for office.

BIVDA offers three different types of membership; Full, Associate and Overseas.

Admission of Members

Application for membership must be completed via an online form, each applicant shall sign an undertaking to observe the rules of the Association as set out in the Constitution, the BIVDA Code of Practice and any other laws or codes of practice at the time in force.

The acceptance or refusal of an application shall be in the absolute discretion of the Executive Board, which may delegate such decisions to a committee or individuals appointed for this purpose, without however abrogating final responsibility. In all cases, the acceptance and continuance of the membership shall be conditional upon payment of subscriptions according to such rules and regulations as may be decided upon by the Association’s Executive Board.


Membership Requirements Full Associate Overseas
Benefits of BIVDA Membership