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12-month membership - automatically renewed each year unless you cancel. We will notify you as your renewal date is approaching and advise you of any changes.

BIVDA’s vision is to drive, influence and shape the future of diagnostics for patients by ensuring that innovation, safety, continuity of supply and competition is paramount in clinical and purchasing decisions at a national, international and local level through 4 pillars of strategic focus. Through a combination of events, meetings, training and shared expertise, members can find practical solutions and tangible guidance for a range of business challenges, policy and an ever-evolving business agenda.

The benefits of membership include

  • Free Member Events: Promoting communication and cooperation between members to identify the key issues facing the industry and providing a national platform for their discussion, taking action where appropriate on behalf of the industry for its collective benefit. Members also work in collaboration to establish and maintain voluntarily agreed upon ethical principles and practices. There are significant opportunities for business links through our membership network
  • Access to the members only section of the website:
  • Invaluable networking opportunities to form business links:
  • Weekly Newsletter: Published every Friday, the weekly newsletter provides a snapshot of the latest industry developments and BIVDA activities which have taken place that week.
  • Use of our two meeting rooms and facilities in Central London: Can be booked at no charge (subject to availability) and used as informal workplace to have meetings and take conference calls. Lunches can be arranged and cross-charged. Use of BIVDA’s own kitchen and drinks facilities. The Madden room will hold 40 people seated in a theatre layout and 16 boardroom. The Fishwick room will hold up to 8 people. Free Wi-Fi access
  • Directory Listings: Being a member ensures your inclusion in the BIVDA’s directory, making it easier for potential members or partners to find and contact your business.
  • Quarterly Members Update: BIVDA sends out quarterly updates to its members, keeping them informed about relevant news and updates.
  • Periodical Members’ magazine vIViD: A magazine for you, our members, summarising the key BIVDA events and activities that have taken place over the past few months. The magazine is available electronically but e physical copies can be supplied to display in and circulate.
  • Use of BIVDA logo: Members receive access to the BIVDA logo for use on their written and electronic communications. This highlights your membership to key bodies such as the NHS, evidencing your adherence to our Code of Conduct and status as a member. Access to industry surveys and reports: The Market Audit is a key piece of business intelligence for IVD companies who operate in the UK to receive detailed half-yearly statistics on the size and growth of the UK market and their position within it, without their own data becoming visible to other participants.
  • Representation – Voice of the Industry: As the voice of the IVD industry, BIVDA champions the value of diagnostics to key decision makers across the UK and EU. At the heart of everything we do lies an ambition to improve patient outcomes by increasing the adoption of IVDs within the NHS. We spend considerable time on behalf of members engaging with NHS England, NICE, MHRA, Government, Parliament and the Civil Service, about the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry
  • Regulatory, technical and market advice: Regular communications and sessions keep members up to date with the current regulatory, technical and market advice.
  • Regulatory Seminars: Invites to attend and participate in specialist seminars. These provide you with the best opportunity to learn about developments in IVD regulation, how it will impact your business, and what your company needs to be doing. The seminars also provide an excellent opportunity to network with industry colleagues and discuss how they are facing these challenges.
  • Attend Annual General Meetings and Mid-Year General Meetings: free to attend with keynote speakers and industry partners in attendance.
  • Website Promotion: Members can add their news and events to BIVDA's website, gaining online visibility and reaching a broader audience. This exposure can help in creating brand awareness and attracting potential customers/partners
  • Access to Resources: As a member, you gain access to resources and information provided by the Chamber. This may include business development tools, industry insights, and valuable advice from experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Supportive Community: Joining BIVDA connects you to a supportive community of businesses, from start-ups to industry giants. This can be particularly valuable for accessing advice, mentorship and support from peers and industry leaders.
  • Visibility and Credibility: Being associated with the BIVDA lends credibility to businesses especially for potential investors who recognize the BIVDA as a reputable association.
  • 10% Discount TOPRA: TOPRA, The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs, host a variety of training in the regulatory space that may be beneficial to BIVDA members. To encourage continued development of regulatory knowledge, we are partnering with TOPRA to offer a discount for BIVDA member organisations.
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