Strategic Partnership will bring New Developments in UN3373 Compliant Sample Packaging Solutions

10th December 2020
Strategic Partnership will bring New Developments in UN3373 Compliant Sample Packaging Solutions
Alpha Laboratories Ltd. (Eastleigh, UK) and shuttlepac Ltd. (Telford, UK) are delighted to announce that they have established an exclusive distribution partnership, in the UK and Ireland, that will bring new developments in UN3373 sample packaging solutions.
Alpha Laboratories’ expertise in UN3373 compliance has, over many years, supported users in the healthcare and diagnostics arena, to develop compliant packaging systems for the transport of clinical samples from patient to laboratory. Alongside the provision of an extensive range of off-the-shelf packaging components, this also includes the development of bespoke kits.
shuttlepac Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of high quality, cost-effective packaging solutions for primary use in diagnostic testing and clinical research applications. These include the innovative ShuttlePouch™ that provides a convenient, compliant secondary packaging solution for specimen vials.
Rob Vint, Alpha Laboratories’ Managing Director says, “The demand for easy-to-use specimen packaging to meet legal transport requirements for biological samples continues to escalate. Working with shuttlepac will enable us to expand our offering and develop new solutions designed to further meet customers’ needs.”
Ian Beardsall, shuttlepac’s Managing Director says “As our company continues to grow, a strategic alliance with a renowned market leader is a key focus for us and the synergies with Alpha Laboratories are clearly apparent. The partnership brings a unique offering of high-level industry knowledge with ground breaking product development, providing next generation products to fit market requirements. The ShuttlePouch™ range is exclusive to Alpha Laboratories in the UK and Ireland, with access immediately to significant volumes. The partnership enables us to work closely with the industry and together we will continue to develop further products, providing a powerful, cost effective solution to the clinical and diagnostic market”.

About Alpha Laboratories Ltd.
Established in 1975, Alpha Laboratories’ ongoing mission is to continually find new ways to help science improve people’s lives through its evolving specialist diagnostic and laboratory solutions.  Through worldwide connections and relationships with leading manufacturers, established and emerging suppliers, the company sources the best products to help solve the problems faced in laboratories or clinics every day. The company is BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 accredited.

The top-quality range of laboratory consumables includes Pastettes®, pipette tips, pipettes, general liquid handling, microtubes, racks, PCR consumables and UN3373 compliant sample transport packaging. The research market is supported with an extensive range of antibodies and reagents for numerous disciplines. The diagnostics portfolio offers specialist assays, controls, reagents and instruments used in blood grouping, clinical chemistry, haematology, haemostasis, immunology and rapid test specialities. Specialist areas include bowel cancer screening plus inflammatory bowel disease testing and monitoring.
Please visit www.alphalabs.co.uk for further information or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32 or email marketing@alphalabs.co.uk 

About shuttlepac Ltd.
shuttlepac is making a difference to medical packaging, delivering the complete solution and driving out unnecessary costs.
shuttlepac Ltd is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited UK packaging company. From its inception in 2016 the vision was to make a difference in medical packaging, delivering the complete package to the market. Providing solution packaging from project development right through to manufacture that is fit for purpose, consistent in quality, with fast turnaround times. But most importantly from a low-cost manufacturing model ensuring value for money. 
The products are aimed at ensuring legislative and environmental compliance in all applications. The range of products include ShuttleBox™, ShuttlePouch™ with the ShuttlePouch™ 95kPa pouch which has been independently certified, giving customers that added assurance.
Please visit www.shuttlepac.com for further information.


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