Mologic receives a $4.8m grant to establish the centre for advanced rapid diagnostics ("card")

Mologic is pleased to announce that we are in receipt of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish the CARD, a new technology centre within Mologic, whose objective is to create a step-change in simple, rapid diagnostic test technology for the detection of protein biomarkers at the point-of care.

The new, ultra-sensitive technology platform is being developed with a focus on manufacturing costs and ease-of-use to enable deployment throughout the developing world. While new immunodiagnostic technology carried out in the laboratory is achieving unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy, rapid diagnostic tests, which are well-suited for use at the point of care and in the field, have changed little since their invention in the mid-1980s.  That is about to change, through the work of The CARD initiative exploring any, and all technology, material and/or reagent to achieve the stretching goals.

Mologic Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Paul Davis said, “We are delighted to spear-head this bold new venture, and consider it a privilege to be selected as the core team to deliver radical new diagnostic technology to the neediest people of the world.  There is a personal significance in this for me. I was a member of the team that invented lateral flow immunoassay technology in the 1980s and now, thirty years later, I have the privilege of leading the CARD programme in its quest to revamp, update or supersede the immunochromatographic assay work-horse that has served the industry so well. I have no doubt that the new technology will enable the use of newly discovered, low-concentration biomarkers, and known biomarkers of infection much earlier than has previously been possible, leading to a new power to predict and diagnose many troublesome diseases.”

The grant to establish the CARD as the means to deliver a new ultra-sensitive point of care technology platform, is aligned with the Gates Foundation’s strategy to eradicate poverty through enhancing healthcare, and to bring the diagnostic standards and capability of developed world care to those who need it most within low-resource countries.  “Mologic has long been recognised for its talents in diagnostic innovation, and this commitment from the Foundation is a wonderful recognition of this….” said Mologic CEO Mr Mark Davis.  “Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver the vision and objectives of the new Centre and of the foundation.  Our desire is to fully apply the platform technology throughout the developing and developed World and our teams are planning on a wide range of diagnostic products with superior performance, enabling the medical profession to address previously unmet patient needs irrespective of location and medical training.”

The $4.8m grant over the first 2 years will ensure that the scientific team has the best opportunity to deliver against the required performance targets, and will enable them to collaborate with other technology providers around the globe to bring into existence a new dimension to rapid diagnostics for current and future clinical targets.  The CARD team is seeking interest from technology providers who are willing to join them in the mission to improve the health of the developing world.

For more information on the Grant and the Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics or Mologic, please email to info@mologic.co.uk, or call +44  (0) 1234 780020


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