Patients Suspected of Sepsis No Longer Need to Wait 5 Days to Rule out Bloodstream Infection with Momentum Bioscience's ETGA® Technology

A study showing how rapid negative exclusion of blood cultures by a molecular method, Cognitor® Minus, can aid antimicrobial stewardship. 

UK study in general blood culture of 246 patients with suspected sepsis. In 74% of cases where Cognitor® Minus gave a negative result there was a positive antimicrobial stewardship outcome:

- Either cessation of antibiotics
- Switching from intravenous to oral forms
- Discharge or leaving patients at home
- In some cases antibiotics were not started

This is the first report of ETGA®, a novel molecular diagnostic technique, being used in a routine clinical environment to demonstrate the absence of bacteraemia or fungaemia at an early stage in the patients' clinical care*. The result was used alongside other laboratory parameters to support a clinical review of antimicrobial use. This study concluded that ETGA® is a useful tool in supporting antimicrobial stewardship decisions and may have cost advantages in reducing unnecessary empirical antibiotics and antifungal agents and in discharging patients from hospital earlier.

"The laboratory diagnostic data we have tends to lag behind the clinical decisions we have to make on the wards. What we need more than anything is reliable, rapid diagnostics to help us make those difficult clinical decisions. We used Cognitor® Minus at the frontline of antibiotic decisions. It was one of the parameters that allowed us to decide whether to continue or change antimicrobial therapy," says Dr. Matthew Dryden, Consultant Microbiologist and Infection Specialist, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust.

The novel advantage of ETGA® is to provide universal detection of viable organisms, providing a result for all organisms and hence more accurate and reliable results. This will enable clinicians to adjust antimicrobial therapy with confidence before the next dose is due and this in turn will have an impact on antimicrobial resistance.

"The importance of faster test results for patients suspected of sepsis is widely recognised. Cognitor® is the world's first diagnostic test to report a negative blood culture result in less than 24 hrs. The results reported from this study show tremendous promise for our patented technology," says Sumi Thaker, CEO, Momentum Bioscience.

*Dryden, M., Sitjar, A., Gunning, Z., Lewis, S., Healey, R., Satchithananthan, P., Parker, N., Keyser, T., Saeed, K. and Bennett, H. V. (2017), Can rapid negative exclusion of blood cultures by a molecular method, enzyme template generation and amplification technique (Cognitor® Minus), aid antimicrobial stewardship?. Int J Pharm Pract. doi:10.1111/ijpp.12393

Click here for the full text: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ijpp.12393/full

About Momentum Bioscience 

Momentum was founded to develop rapid tests for critically-important clinical specimens within the hospital microbiology laboratory, is headquartered near Cardiff and has a R&D facility near Oxford in the UK.

The company has created a new innovative technology for in-vitro diagnostic testing supporting the global fight against antibiotic resistance and the need for improved antibiotic stewardship. The technology rapidly and universally detects viable micro-organisms using a unique combination of a phenotypic marker and ultra-sensitive molecular PCR measurement.

Momentum is developing a number of products and applications for the use of its ETGA® technology. The first of these products, Cognitor® Minus, universally targets the rapid exclusion of bacteraemia and fungaemia, with an NPV of 99.5%, on day 1 vs day 5 in traditional blood culture.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dr. Helen V Bennett at +44(0)2921-677-910 or email at hbennett@momentumbio.co.uk.


SOURCE Momentum Bioscience Ltd


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