Game Changer for Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

ADXBLADDER, an exciting new non-invasive test for bladder cancer from Arquer Diagnostics Ltd. and distributed in the UK by Alpha Laboratories, has just been launched at the Societe Internationale D’Urologie (SIU) meeting in Lisbon. During a live symposium, global participants heard from key opinion leaders and clinicians involved in the development and trial of the new test.

Dr Stuart McCracken Principal Investigator, commented “Almost 11,000 patients are diagnosed with bladder cancer in the UK each year, with only 53% surviving more than 5 years. There is an urgent need to find and validate a novel and acceptable test that can help doctors to pick up bladder cancer at an early stage of the disease process, when currently available treatment options can improve urvival rates” 

Traditionally bladder cancer diagnosis is performed with cystoscopy, however, some tumours can be difficult to detect, either through the form or position they are in, and so used on its own this technique can miss up to 30% of tumours. Mr Tim Dudderidge, a urology surgeon from Southampton General Hospital said “There is an urgent need for an alternative reliable investigation that provides reassurance but without the cost or risks of cystoscopy”

During the symposium data was presented showing that the new ADXBLADDER from Arquer Diagnostics has a greater than 97% Negative Predictive Value (NPV) which would then give greater confidence in a negative cystoscopy result. A 95% sensitivity to high risk tumours was also presented.

Dr McCracken said “It’s really important that the test achieved good sensitivity in high risk patients because this is the group who suffer most from a missed diagnosis as their bladder cancer is likely to spread quickly.”

The ADXBLADDER assay is a urine test that detects the presence of minichromosome maintenance 5 (MCM5) protein, shed from tumours in the urogenital track. The test is performed by ELISA, which is a standard method for many tests in routine hospital laboratories and gives a simple yes/no answer. A single urine void is all that is required from the patient and results are not influenced by other conditions that can traditionally be present in these patients e.g. bacterial infection or the presence of blood.

Bladder cancer has one of the highest recurrence rates of any of the cancers and so once diagnosed and treated, patients enter into an intensive monitoring programme. Mr Dudderidge commented that “Such high risk patients can be required to undergo cystoscopy testing up to every three months initially and then for the rest of their lives – Given the choice most would adopt a urine test in a heartbeat if they thought it offered a safe alternative to invasive cystoscopy”

Alpha Laboratories is the exclusive partner for Arquer Diagnostics in the UK and Republic of Ireland and is excited to introduce and assay that can have such a positive impact on the patient pathway and experience. This sentiment was also echoed by Mr Dudderidge: ADXBLADDER has the potential to make non-invasive testing for bladder cancer a clinical reality. It could help to diagnose patients earlier in the disease and offer dramatic improvements in quality of life and safety by reducing the need for cystoscopy and CT scanning”

For more information please visit www.alphalabs.co.uk/adxbladder or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32 or email marketing@alphalabs.co.uk 

Please follow the link www.alphalabs.co.uk/siu for free registration to view the seminar. 


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