Facts and Figures

We hope you find the infographic below a useful depiction of the IVD Industry in numbers!



  1. Approximately 70% of clinical decisions are based on IVD tests (Office for Life Sciences and UK Trade and Investmen Ret – In Vitro Diagnostics).
  2. In vitro diagnostics is the largest category in the global medical technology market with annual sales of £49.9bn in 2015 (EvaluateMedTech®, World Preview 2015, Outlook to 2020).
  3. 2 million units of donated blood are screened for infectious disease using diagnostic tests to enable safe transfusion into patients (Public Health England and NHS Blood and Transplant, Safe Supplies: Completing the Picture Annual review from the NHS Blood and Transplant/PHE Epidemiology Unit, 2012, 2013).
  4. The UK is the fifth largest IVD market in Europe (MedTech Europe, The European Medical Technology industry In Figures, 2014).
  5. The UK spends only £10 per capita on IVD products, less than half of spend per capita in France, Germany and Italy (MedTech Europe European IVD Market Statistics report 2014).
  6. The UK IVD sector was worth £816 million in 2016 (BIVDA Value Story, 2017)
  7. There will be a 10% per annum increase in demand for blood and tissue tests over the next ten years due to an ageing population and rising incidence of chronic disease (Working Differently to Provide Early Diagnosis – Improving Access to Diagnostics, Deloitte 2013)
  8. 900 million tests are carried out each year in the UK (Royal College of Pathologists, Pathology Facts and Figures).
  9. The UK is a net exporter of IVD products, with £1.1 billion exported in 2013 (Medical Technology An industry study for the Office for Life Sciences – Monitor Deloitte, 2015).