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BIVDA respond to Labour's manifesto launch

14 Jun, 2024 | Return|

Yesterday saw the launch of the Labour Party’s manifesto ahead of the general election in three weeks’ time. While there were no great surprises in their document, we welcome the pledge to shift resources to primary and community care, including trialling Neighbourhood Health Centres, which should yield earlier diagnoses and improve patient outcomes.

The commitment to developing NHS innovation and adoption strategy in England demonstrates the party’s recognition that innovative products must reach patients sooner through improved procurement and regulatory processes.

Labour’s pledge to grant greater prescribing rights to pharmacists may relieve pressure on GPs, however without utilising existing rapid near-patient diagnostics this could unintentionally cause a spike in unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions which would exacerbate the already grave issue of antimicrobial resistance.

Ben Kemp, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, said: “Yesterday’s manifesto launch illustrates that Labour understand the barriers currently constricting the NHS: slow innovation adoption, workforce challenges, and the need for a greater focus on prevention. These challenges are immense and can only be solved through bold action in all areas.

"The UK is teeming with innovative medical diagnostic products which could provide immediate solutions. If Labour do form the next government, we look forward to working with them to ensure these products are rolled out through their NHS innovation and adoption strategy to save lives, provide earlier diagnoses and facilitate a more efficient health service.”

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