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BIVDA welcome Labour’s Life Sciences Sector Plan announced today

30 Jan, 2024 | Return|

BIVDA welcomes Labour’s Life Sciences Sector Plan announced today.


Medical diagnostics play a key part in the sector. However, regulatory burdens, a lack of understanding of the value of diagnostics, and market access into the NHS are key challenges. Improving this situation will inspire a new generation of entrants to the market and drive the development of innovative products to be designed and sold in the UK and worldwide. 


Paul Fisher, Head of Policy, Programmes and Compliance said: “BIVDA are delighted to see the clear recognition that overregulation of products places on manufacturers, and the focus on cross government solutions.  Linking health to innovation and science under one owner is something we have advocated for some time, but we would be keen to see the Department for Business and Trade involved.  Investment and export sales are vital to the sector, and the UK’s economic economy.

"Better use of medical diagnostics – which play a part in 70% of clinical decisions – are key to improving NHS performance and improving patient outcomes.

"As the trade organisation for medical diagnostics, BIVDA will continue to work to inform policy makers and ensure diagnostics remain at the heart of the Life Science sector.”

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