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Award win for HORIBA’s compact Yumizen H500 haematology analyser

02 Oct, 2023 | Return|

HORIBA Medical is proud to announce that its Yumizen H500 benchtop haematology analyser has won the Best New Clinical Instrumentation Award for 2022 at the Scientists’ Choice Awards® . HORIBA’s Yumizen H500 is a compact analyser with enhanced performance, new features, and increased benefits which all contributed to its award-winning votes. The instrument is designed for small laboratories and is ideal for use in a variety of clinical laboratory environments and point of-care (POC) settings or for anyone looking to upgrade from a 3-part to a 5-part differential technology solution.

HORIBA received the award for the Yumizen H500 during a special ceremony at the 2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. Winners of the Scientists’ Choice Awards were announced live by SelectScience CEO, Kerry Parker, and Senior Associate Editor, Sonia Nicholas. Each year, clinical scientists and clinicians from around the world are invited to participate in these awards by nominating, reviewing, and voting for the laboratory products that have had the greatest impact on their work.

The Yumizen H500 was recognised for ensuring safe and easy diagnosis by delivering timely and reliable results in many locations. With just three reagents, making it a sustainable option, and an intuitive touch screen user interface, it is designed for ease-of-use. Yet, it offers 37 parameters, including: full 5-part WBC differential, red blood cell parameters and platelet count, as well as malaria and dengue flagging options.

Requiring a sample of 20 µL whole blood and an analysis time of just 60 seconds, this makes the Yumizen H500 a highly flexible solution for rapid blood analysis in a multitude of situations, including POC settings for paediatric care, oncology units and drug monitoring services. UK-based independent evaluation studies have confirmed its capabilities in such POC settings [1, 2]. These studies demonstrated that the compact, easy-to-use analyser delivered at the POC clinically key parameters that showed exceptional correlation with larger laboratory-based haematology analysers.

Receiving the Scientist’s Choice Award is a great accolade for our Yumizen H500 haematology analyser. Being voted for by clinical science users truly recognises its exceptional capabilities which ensure the delivery of accurate results in a variety of settings, enabling timely and sound clinical decision making,” said Cleve Wright, HORIBA UK Limited.


1) Boyland, D. and Ingram, L. (2018). Evaluation of the Yumizen H500 FBC analyser and potential clinical improvements for point of care testing for paediatric patient groups. Presented at ISLH Symposium – May 2018

2) Amin, K. and Gabiows, K. (2018). An evaluation of the Yumizen H500 FBC analyser for near-patient testing with oncology patients. Presented at ISLH Symposium – May 2018.

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