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HORIBA UK expands clinical chemistry portfolio with new POINTE G6PD assay kit

29 Sep, 2023 | Return|

NORTHAMPTON, UK (19th September 2023) HORIBA UK has expanded its clinical chemistry portfolio with the addition of a new test kit for Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) from Pointe Scientific. HORIBA is now distributing this important cell function assay to the UK market following its acquisition of US-based Pointe Scientific in 2021. Used for the quantitative determination of G6PD enzyme activity in blood, the CE marked POINTE G6PD Assay Kit combines everything required for undertaking G6PD testing, excluding controls, in a single box. The G6PD reagents and lyse are also available separately, as are G6PD controls (3 x 3 levels).


G6PD assays can verify deficiency of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase which is widely prevalent worldwide, with an estimated 500 million people affected by this genetic disorder which causes red blood cells to break down prematurely. This can result in haemolytic anaemia when red blood cells are being destroyed faster than the body can replace them, reducing the oxygen levels in an individual’s tissues and organs. Haemolytic crisis in G6PD deficient individuals can be triggered by factors including infections, certain drugs such as antimalarials, and even from eating fava beans.


As a sensitive and accurate quantitative test, the G6PD test manufactured by HORIBA Instruments (formerly Pointe Scientific) provides a specific level of G6PD deficiency severity, and hence risk of haemolytic crisis from triggering factors, in line with World Health Organisation classifications. Also, unlike other G6PD assays, which require 30 minutes of sample preparation steps, the POINTE G6PD assay needs just a single 5-minute lysing step and can be on-board lysed, reducing the time to results for G6PD activity levels in whole blood.


The G6PD test can be performed either manually or uniquely automated onto a suitable open channel clinical chemistry analyser such as the HORIBA Pentra C400. This benchtop analyser will perform both routine and specific tests on a single, user-friendly system which offers 55 on-board assays with back-up availability. Automating the POINTE G6PD test on such a chemistry analyser, along with its 5-minute lysing step and the fact that it is an enzymatic method assay requiring no calibrator, all serve to streamline and deliver highly effective G6PD testing.


Following the acquisition of Pointe Scientific, HORIBA has expanded its laboratory chemistry range to create the HORIBA POINTE clinical chemistry reagent brand. This new offering pairs HORIBA’s innovative clinical chemistry analysers and service excellence with Pointe’s reagent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, as well as expertise in FDA 510K and CLIA clearances.


“The addition of the new POINTE G6PD kit to our laboratory chemistry portfolio in the UK is just one of many forthcoming introductions broadening our product offerings to meet the multidisciplinary requirements of the IVD market,” said Simon Aylen, Technical Product Manager, HORIBA UK Medical. “As a HORIBA group company, development of Pointe Scientific’s general chemistry reagent range will continue to feed into and support the continued building of HORIBA Medical’s clinical chemistry and immunochemistry portfolio alongside our innovative haematology offering.”


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