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Community Diagnostic Centres hit landmark one million tests and checks

Since their rollout last year, Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) – now over 90 in number – have delivered a million tests and checks which have proved vital in freeing up hospital capacity and clearing the diagnostic backlog. These centres are usually closer to patient’s homes providing greater convenience to patients and reducing their carbon footprint.

The NHS has pledged to open up to 160 CDCs across the UK, increasing capacity significantly so that nine million additional tests can be performed each year until 2025. These extra tests will ensure that millions of patients can be diagnosed earlier and thus stand a better chance of surviving illnesses following treatment.

This historic announcement coincides with the next phase of the NHS’s advertising strategy, which aims to combat people’s fears of cancer. TV adverts and social media posts will encourage individuals to get checked to put their mind at rest – acknowledging the mental health burden that worrying about cancer can bring.

Regarding the CDC announcement, Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Tackling the COVID backlog requires innovative ways of working, which is why we have rolled out over 90 community diagnostic centres across the country giving patients access to lifesaving checks, tests and scans closer to home. Since the first one opened in July 2021, they have now delivered one million checks.

“Community diagnostics centres will play a crucial role in our 10-Year Cancer Plan which will focus on speeding up diagnosis – along with innovative treatments and building a world-class workforce”.


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