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New Director of Science, Research and Evidence appointed following Dr Louise Wood’s departure

Dr Gail Marzetti has been announced as the new Director of Science, Research and Evidence in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), occupying the role previously held by Dr Louise Wood. She joined DHSC in March 2020 and is currently Director of Refugees and Head of International Workforce, having previously garnered over 20 years’ experience in the Department for International Development.

One of Dr Marzetti’s primary roles will be leading research across NIHR alongside Chief Scientific Adviser to DHSC and Chief Executive of the NIHR, Professor Lucy Chappell. NIHR aims to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research, with their research helping to discover new treatments, improve diagnosis, advance medical technologies and bolster health and care services.

Underlining the importance of the organisation, in the last 10 years, NIHR researchers have reported more than 6,500 cases where their research has influenced health and care policy or impacted on practice and guidelines.

Professor Lucy Chappell, Chief Executive of the NIHR and Chief Scientific Adviser at DHSC, said: “This is an exciting new chapter for NIHR. Louise will be hugely missed, but I am confident Dr Marzetti brings with her a wealth of experience with a background in research funding and an interest in underserved communities. She will be well placed to help deliver the strategic aims of NIHR, focusing on improving care and outcomes for patients and the public, and tackling inequalities across health and care”.

We echo these comments as Dr Wood has been an outstanding servant to DHSC and has always made time for BIVDA. We do, however, greatly look forward to working with Dr Marzetti in the future and cultivating a productive relationship.


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