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BIVDA Launches 'The Digital Revolution' Strategy Paper

BIVDA has launched the latest in its series of strategic papers, ‘The Digital Revolution’. You can find a copy of the paper attached to this page.


BIVDA is publishing this paper to ensure that the digitisation of In vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and the breakthroughs, experiences and collaboration resultant from the coronavirus pandemic are not limited to being a short-term phenomenon. The last year has demonstrated that the IVD industry has the ability and capacity to transform healthcare through an early diagnosis culture which prevents the public from becoming patients.


Rapid, mass testing has become part of life and the general population is more informed and familiar with IVD than ever before. The benefits of digitised testing have become clear to the public with results in real time and to public health professionals with the aggregation and insights of disease related data. There is now an embedded ability in the UK to identify, address and control infectious disease which did not exist before.


The paper recommends a series of actions that can ensure that the advances in digital diagnosis are embedded in the health service as we emerge from the pandemic. These include;


  • A new strategy for trialing greater digital home testing by the public.
  • Ensuring patients have easy and full access to their full medical records and test results via the NHS app.
  • Greater compatibility between NHS and third-party Apps to ensure easy information flows and data capture.
  • Strong collaboration between Government and IVD industry players to develop and promote 2 sets of standards:
    • Minimum data standards to be shared between industry and NHS digital applications
    • Interoperability standards to enable useful interaction across industry and NHS digital applications.
  • Ensure that all UK solutions work seamlessly at scale with European and Worldwide organisations allowing all aspects of Testing, Result reporting to be openly shared in a secure and safe manner through opt in controls. 



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