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Brexit Webinar Invitation - Category One Imports-Exports and DHSC Brexit Briefing

BIVDA attended an update with DHSC today, and a couple of points of note were made which may be useful to members;

  • Any suppliers who have not yet registered on the portal for government secured shipping please do so as a matter of priority or make sure the DHSC are aware. You can find out more information on the scheme here.  
  • It was confirmed that UKRP’s are required to register devices, and importers need to notify the UKRP of the intention to import. It is the manufacturer who is required to designate the UKRP and the Importer and the UKRP may be the same.
  • It is permitted for a UKRP to be the UK affiliate/division of an overseas manufacturer providing that they are based in the UK and can fulfil all the legal obligations of a UKRP.
  • A briefing note on frequently asked questions can be found attached to this page. 

Finally, there is a webinar to be held on Thursday 17th December 10.00-12.00


The webinar will bring together British officials from various Government Departments including Her Majesty’s revenue and Customs, Department for Health and Social Care, and the Cabinet Office to address key questions from companies who are involved in the import and export of Category One Goods between GB and the EU.


Key objectives:


1. Present the border formalities that will apply to all controlled goods from 1st January 2021.

2. Highlight the importance of readiness to ensure companies are prepared for changes at the end of the Transition Period, regardless of the outcome of current negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement.

3. Provide the opportunity for companies to ask questions directly to the policy experts.


Members can register at the link here. We will continue to circulate new information as soon as we get it.



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