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COVID-19: New Information for Suppliers

Information for suppliers


COVID-19 tests – information for suppliers 


If you have a test that could be used immediately (not necessarily CE marked but at the point where it is or could be manufactured at scale) then please use this procedure:


There is a formal process for identification of diagnostic tests for COVID, as outlined below:

Public Health England (PHE) are leading a rapid review of all available COVID-19 testing equipment to accelerate the adoption of new PCR tests, serology tests and home testing equipment. They have undertaken a review of tests available globally: some tests have been notified to PHE, while others have been identified through the FIND website, which maintains a comprehensive list of tests  ( Additionally, the list of potential tests provided by BIVDA has been fed into this process already.

PHE have also established a dedicated mailbox for submissions of new proposals for PCR/serology tests ( This too will shortlist further potential COVID-19 diagnostic tests through performing a 2-stage screening process:

  1. The first stage will include a review and a stop/go decision (within 7 days of the company being added to their log), and then move to an assessment phase. The stop/go decision will be decided on various factors which are being developed e.g. claimed performance, ease of use, supply etc.
  2. The second stage will involve a laboratory test of the equipment to trial performance.

Use #Innovation / #tech :

iIf you have a test in development but which is not yet ready, maybe needs some financial support then please notify with summary of what it will be , where it would be used and how it would help plus clear ask if you need support to produce it.

A supply of clinical samples from COVID19 patients is available but we expect a high demand for these – a separate email has gone out on this.


A callout from the Government for urgent assistance on logistics and manpower 


By Doris-Ann


The COVID EPPR team in NHSE/I have asked if member companies could help in one urgent area - fielding non-specialist staff and logistics support to assist with the delivery of PPE across 240 NHS Trusts. They expect the initial drop of equipment imminently and a significant effort in terms of people and logistics will be required to coordinate its distribution. If you can support then please use to make contact. 


People: Supporting NHS service delivery through availability of healthcare expertise

The Life Sciences sector in the UK employ thousands of people with a broad range of skills, including many with significant healthcare expertise such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists - many of whom are not currently seeing patients – as well as regional NHS partnership staff.


Companies have skilled staff who may want to volunteer to support the NHS in the COVID-19 response. Such staff may be able to support the NHS to increase front line testing capacity, provide clinical advice, support for NHS 111 and other areas of clinical support, including phlebotomists and medically qualified clinicians and pharmacists. Those individuals who want to volunteer would need appropriate training and would need to check with their indemnity provider. Individuals who have left the GMC/NMC register in the last 3 years should receive a communication from their regulator. 


Research: Support to increase UK laboratory and testing capacity

Companies who operate laboratory facilities across the UK may be able to support the NHS by making capacity available to provide large scale testing to test for Covid- 19. If this support is possible, it would be helpful to know timescale implications.


In addition to the laboratory facilities themselves, highly qualified laboratory staff, as well as biomedical and clinical scientists such as clinical pathologists and clinical pharmacologists may also be made available to support the NHS alongside any laboratory equipment.



Again use to notify  if you have staff who want to volunteer to help and you can release them or facilities that could be re-purposed for testing.


Further information 


Researchers at Brunel have developed a Covid19 testing device, which is ready to manufacture. They are urgently seeing manufacturing partners to rapidly produce this at scale. 

Details of the device and the specifications are below. They are looking for connections and partners that can get this in front of the right people.  If you can help please contact Ian Ferris in the first instance, or Jeremy Davies


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