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NHS Funding Bill Enters Parliament

The Government's NHS Funding Bill, announced in the Queen's Speech, enters the House of Commons today for it's second reading. 

The bill will enshrine in law an extra £33.9 billion every year by 2024 for the NHS, to be spend on improving patient outcome. The bill will include a ‘double-lock’ commitment that places a legal duty on both the Secretary of State and the Treasury to uphold this minimum level of NHS revenue funding over the next 4 years.

The bill will not seek to limit the NHS in deciding how funding is spent and where – however BIVDA will be lobbying strongly to ensure that the importance of IVDs, early testing and early diagnosis is recognised for the role it can play in helping improve patient outcomes. 

In the first stage of this annual funding increase, the government has already provided an extra £6.2 billion since April 2019, following the launch of the Long Term Plan in January 2019.

BIVDA will be following progress of the bill through Parliament and will keep members updated - we are also expecting the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill to enter Parliament soon - you can find Doris-Ann's recent blog on the contents of this bill here. 

For more information please contact External Affairs Manage Jon Harrison at 



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