Feb 27, 2014
Tomorrow, 28th February, is International Rare Disease Day 2014. This is an annual event co-ordinated by EURORDIS (also self-titled - the voice of rare diseases in Europe) in order to raise awareness about rare diseases. It has been running since 2008, and tomorrow, BIVDA will join in by issuing a range of tweets of relevance to the diagnostics industry.
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Feb 11, 2014
February 4th marks the anniversary of WorldCancerDay. BIVDA marked this anniversary through a twitter campaign. You can see the storified version of our tweets here. WorldCancerDay works in a bid to raise awareness and general knowledge around cancer and dismiss misconceptions about the disease.
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Feb 07, 2014
It was February 2013 when the 1,800 page Francis Report was released in response to the well-known and serious failings of the Mid Staffs Trust. On this anniversary month, we consider the changes that have taken place in the past year.
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