NICE Implementation Collaborative publishes Consensus statement on use of NOACs

Today NICE will publish updated guidance on the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. Although NICE periodically updates all of its guidance to take account of the latest research and best practice, for the first time today the guidance will be accompanied by the publication of a Consensus statement on the use of Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) drafted by the NICE Implementation Collaborative (NIC). BIVDA has been a member of the NIC Board since its inception as part of Innovation, Health and Wealth.

As an example of the NIC Board’s first publicly-facing output it is important that members get the opportunity to understand what kinds of work the NIC is doing, as new work streams will be finalised soon and diagnostics will continue to feature as a part of the Board’s work.

The NIC has representation from BIVDA, the ABPI & ABHI (from industry), NHS England & commissioning bodies, the Royal Colleges and patients[1]. Its aim is to ‘support and promote the adoption of all forms of NICE Guidance in England, and to drive the uptake of innovation’[2]. Chaired by Sir Ron Kerr, Chief Executive of Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS FT, we meet monthly for project updates, identifying  solutions and steps which we can all agree to take to overcome these barriers.

Collaboration and teamwork are of course key to overcoming entrenched problems with the widespread adoption of new (and existing!) NICE recommendations, which is why BIVDA is pleased to offer its support to something not directly related to IVDs, as others will support IVD recommendations in future.

I encourage all members to have a look at the Consensus when they have an opportunity, and if they have any recommendations for IVDs which could benefit from a cross-sector analysis of implementation barriers they can get in touch: While the Board oversees the NIC’s work and sets its strategic direction, a lot of the heavy lifting is done by individual workstream groups, which are designed to include ‘secondees’ from industry. If you are aware of problems systematically affecting the adoption of an IVD mentioned in NICE Guidance then it is worth bringing it to the attention of the NIC Board and we will consider it at a future Workstream Working Party meeting.

If you have any questions about the NIC itself or the Consensus published today, please get in touch with Ian: or 08456 188 224.


[1] A full list of NIC Concordat signatories is available at:

[2] NIC Concordat, p.2, available at:


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