Testing the new Government - a diagnostics perspective on GE2015

As we enter the calm after the storm of an election period, it will be back to business for the newly elected Conservative majority Government.

David Cameron will be putting together his cabinet over the next few days, following the official invitation from the Queen to form a Government today. While there will be some change ahead, it is clear that the business world is quietly confident with the results.

Indeed there has been a surge in Britain's financial markets as the pound and shares in top British companies soar in value. Athough I am sure we are all eager to find out the new Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, as well as the other top members of the cabinet. 

For the diagnostics industry, however, a key question remains; whether there will be a continuation of the role of Minister for Life Sciences.

Over the past few years, there has been increased recognition placed on healthcare innovation and how this can truly contribute to the Country’s health and wealth. This culminated in the appointment of George Freeman MP as Minister for Life Sciences in Autumn 2014, and who commenced a review into Innovative Medicines, Medical Technology, and importantly Diagnostics.

As an industry we unequivocally support the reinstatement of this Ministerial position, having initially campaigned for its creation. Due to his conception and support for the Accelerated Access Review, as well as his understanding of the issues, the maintenance of George Freeman MP in the role would be welcomed.  

At its core, George Freeman’s review will be looking at the ‘end to end’ pathway of healthcare innovations. Understanding the flaws in the current system, and creating effective policy change to realistically improve uptake and adoption of innovation is something that BIVDA has campaigned for over some time. Our Challenge to the Next Government outlines the key opportunities to ensure early diagnosis, clinical efficiency and that Britain leads the way in diagnostic testing.

We are particularly interested in the MPs who have a background in science and technology, and have produced a briefing for our members on the MPs to watch.

Please get in touch for more information. 


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