Be our BIVDA Member of the Month

Be our Member of the Month!


BIVDA’s Member of the Month is a chance for our members to be spotlighted on our social media channels so our followers can get to know you better! Attached is a short questionnaire that we use as a basis for our posts. There are questions about your company’s offering, your main IVD product and so on. Your submission will appear on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. We will be completing Members of the Month posts throughout the year in the order that applications are sent to us with a maximum length of 500 words.


Please email through to Michael when completed! 



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Diabetes UK has recently released a report entitled NHS Health Checks in Local Authorities, ref: typ...

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The past two weeks have seen all members of the BIVDA team regularly hitting the road for one reason...

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In today's guest blog, Ben Nunn and Mike Birtwistle, from Incisive Health, look at the key figur...

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BIVDA member assembled at One Great George Street in Westminster this week for the 2020 Annual Gener...

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BIVDA has compiled a new EU Trading Glossary document which should be of use for IVD companies ...

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With the rising prominence of tumour biomarkers and genetic profiling, it is clear that the profile ...

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