Comments requested - Joint Position Paper on the Drug Tariff

Drug Tariff Committee

There has been a collaboration between a number of Trade Associations including BIVDA since 2005 to support products prescribed in primary care and reimbursed through the Drug Tariff (Part IX). This covers a huge number of items from stoma care and wound care as well as testing strips for product like blood glucose meters. Potentially any diagnostic used in the community could be prescribed and it may be a route which has been under-utilised. The Drug Tariff Committee has produced a position paper, to largely inform patients and patient advocacy groups about their rights to obtain products under prescription. This is available here attached. 


The last major overhaul of the Drug Tariff was in 2005 and there has been some suggestions that it is again reviewed.


The Drug Tariff Committee (DTC) has capacity for another representative from a diagnostic company as part of BIVDA’s representation alongside Doris-Ann. There are quarterly meetings for this (currently virtual via Zoom) and an Annual Drug Tariff Forum meeting which is facilitated for all companies with products listed on Part IX. Anyone who has a commercial interest and would like to take part in the DTC should contact


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