BIVDA Host 2020 AGM

BIVDA member assembled at One Great George Street in Westminster this week for the 2020 Annual General Meeting. 

As well as electing the new BIVDA Board, members enjoyed a keynote speech from experienced MP and IVD advocate Anne Marie Morris MP, whose AGM has been a great champion of our sector over the last few years. 

Anne Marie emphasised that diagnostics, and IVDs in particular, are critical to improving patient outcomes and a more efficient NHS. She recognised the issues faced by members in commissioning services closer to the patient, ensuring fewer patients go to hospital. She also gave her thoughts on the new Medicines and Medical Devices Bill, suggesting that while it is a good start in ensuring a stable regulatory environment once we leave the EU structures in December, more ambition is needed to ensure, we have a world-class regulatory environment for the future. She emphasised that any new or existing structures should encourage innovation and flexibility as we deviate from EU structures. 

Members also enjoyed presentations from expert speakers with a background in the NHS, Tina Teague and Patrick McGinley. Tina emphasised the need for the NHS to commission better, to ensure more can be done in Primary Care, with care taken to ensure that new NHS structures and groups can fit into the existing NHS - while taking care that schemes and funding pots to encourage Primary Care commissioning are known about and used by manufacturers, GPs and other professionals. 

Patrick gave an insight into NHS Trust finances and how relationships work between CCGs, NHS Trusts and other stakeholders on the ground. He highlighted the issues with diagnostics commissioning and the need for an effective and fair price for diagnostics testing, demonstrating the extreme variating in average pricing across Trusts. 

Returning BIVDA board members: Helen Tucker, Simon Richards, John Bagshaw and Stewart Hutton.
New BIVDA board members: Sandeep Gill, Daniel White and James Cheek


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