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BIVDA Statement - Exemption for Key Workers from COVID App Alerts

Please see the below quote from BIVDA regarding exemptions for key workers regarding COVID-19 app alerts: 


"BIVDA welcomes flexibility for essential workers in exceptional circumstances and is looking forward to receiving further guidance from the Government on the process involved. Fast, decisive action is key in circumstances such as this and we support the action taken to prevent further issues. We know this may not have gone as far as many of our member companies would wish but understand the fine balance that needs to be struck. It's clear that there will be bumps in the road going forwards as we continue to live alongside COVID-19 and compromises such as this are critical when it comes to containing the spread of the delta variant and maintaining infrastructure to the country.”


Please contact BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams with any queries. 


BIVDA Statement - Blood Collection Tube Shortages

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BIVDA Press Release - Comment on Spending Review 2020

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Member Press Release – New England Biolabs Multiplex Assay Kit

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Press Release - BIVDA IVD Market Audit Results Show COVID-19 Impact

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Member Press Release - Revolutionise Your Pancreatic Elastase Testing with Alpha Labs

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BIVDA and Zinc Media Collaborate to Produce Content Series on the IVD Sector

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