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BIVDA Press Release - BIVDA Comments on health plans announced in Queen’s Speech

BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams and Chief Operating Officer Helen Dent have commented on the publication of the Health and Care Bill in today’s Queen’s Speech.


Commenting on plans to promote integrated care in the health service, Doris-Ann said;


“The new White Paper offers an opportunity to promote joint working and collaboration in the NHS across different teams, department and disciplines. As part of these reforms, we want to see greater use of IVDs in primary care settings, including GP surgeries, and pharmacies, bringing diagnosis closer to the patient and saving time and money by reducing trips to hospital.


Integrated care closer to the patient will be much better for people living with long term chronic conditions including diabetes and autoimmune diseases. These are the patients who need regular diagnostic testing to manage their disease, many of whom have not been able to access tests in the last year. Joint-working with testing in the community would be a game-changer for effectively identifying and treating these illnesses, leading to improved outcomes.”


Commenting on proposed changes to operating models and the tendering process, Helen said;


“In terms of pathology services in the new model, the removal of commissioner led tendering - which can affect continuity of service and cause regular disruption - is a positive step, and providing the laboratory services can continue to deliver the value that is now embedded into the system due to the competitive tendering model, the quality of healthcare to patients can improve and the quality of service provision can continue. “


BIVDA will be engaging with the Government on the proposed legislation on behalf of members to ensure the voice of the IVD industry is heard while these changes are being considered.




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