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Member Press Release - FluoretiQ Ltd announces new Chief Medical Officer

FluoretiQ Ltd. today announced the appointment of Mr Kasra Saeb-Parsy Consultant Urologist with Cambridge (UK) University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as their Chief Medical Officer. Mr. Saeb-Parsy will oversee and lead all clinical development, regulatory and medical affairs strategies and activities of the Company.

"I am delighted to welcome Kasra as our Chief Medical Officer at this key stage of our company growth as we approach clinical studies and regulatory approval in the UK and USA”, said Neciah Dorh CEO of FluoretiQ Ltd. “Kasra brings over 21 years of clinical and patient care experience and has a fine track record as a clinical researcher”.

“Kasra’s experience in advising hospitals on urology practice and network of GPs, who are one of the key markets for our future products, are great assets to the development of our business. I am really looking forward to working closely with Kasra to realize the full potential of our game-changing diagnostic tests and to establish FluoretiQ in the urology and infectious disease testing markets.”

Speaking on his new appointment at Fluoretiq Mr Saeb-Parsy said

“I am delighted and very excited to be joining the FluoretiQ team as Chief Medical Officer. Rapid diagnosis or exclusion of urinary tract infection is crucial in most aspects of clinical practice including AE settings, GP, nursing homes, hospitals and secondary care settings”.

“Antibiotic resistance is becoming a worrying trend worldwide and antibiotic stewardship is now even more crucial in the fight against future infections. The work carried out by FluoretiQ using their NANOPLEX technology platform paves the way for rapid and accurate diagnosis of UTIs and the identification of the causative organism. This allows more appropriate and tailored antibiotic use rather than our current practice of initiating antibiotics whilst awaiting the results of microscopy and culture which can often take up to 72 hours or longer. The clinical and financial benefits of appropriate and correct use of antibiotics for the NHS and healthcare systems worldwide will be immense.”


About Fluoretiq Ltd.

Fluoretiq Ltd.  was founded in 2017 in order to revolutionise the way antibiotic treatments are prescribed at POC (point-of-care) for diseases such as urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. NANOPLEX, its technology platform for future products, can identify and enumerate the presence and species of bacteria at the POC, 200 times faster than sending samples to a lab and waiting days for results to return. Products built on the Nanoplex platform will enable doctors to confirm infection within minutes, stopping the use of incorrect and unnecessary prescription of antibiotics, in-line with the global goal for antibiotic stewardship.

About Mr Kasra Saeb Parsy

Mr Kasra Saeb Parsy is a Consultant Urologist at Cambridge University Hospitals and Emergency Urology lead as well as National Urology Advisor for Nuffield Health. Kasra has extensive experience in basic science research as well clinical research with a proven track record. He has a particular interest in more novel approaches to more rapid diagnosis of diseases and has great experience in setting up and leading clinical trials particularly in the field of bladder cancer. He has widely published in peer reviewed journals and made numerous contributions to medical textbooks. He has presented his work on the national and international stage.  Kasra has extensive teaching and moderating experience at multiple Universities and has participated in the design, audit and governance of 15 clinical studies. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK).


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