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BIVDA Welcomes new EUCOPE – Charles River Associates report on advanced diagnostics

BIVDA Welcomes new EUCOPE – Charles River Associates report on advanced diagnostics


BIVDA, the UK trade association for in-vitro diagnostic companies, has welcomed the publication of a White Paper on Advanced Diagnostics by EUCOPE and Charles River Associates that puts forward concrete proposals to support understanding of the advanced diagnostics sector, the benefits it brings and related requirements for success .


The health benefits of genomics and advanced genomic testing are significant. These innovations facilitate earlier diagnosis of disease, improve prognosis of disease outcome and enable targeted therapeutic interventions based on an unprecedented understanding of the underlying molecular characteristics of patients. Today we can deliver the right treatment for the right patient at the right time – with widespread adoption, the potential is enormous to derive exponential benefit to healthcare systems alongside more targeted and efficient use of resources.


However, despite the many scientific breakthroughs, the adoption of advanced diagnostics and technologies in the clinic and healthcare systems is not a foregone conclusion, and the rate of adoption in Europe is at risk of falling behind that of other regions globally.


Stemming from the work of EUCOPE’s genomics industry group, the paper introduces a set of policy proposals to the European governments and EU institutions to support the evolving ecosystem for advanced diagnostics:


1. Investing in an R&D ecosystem that fosters development, encourages innovation, and

    facilitates uptake of advanced diagnostics;

2. Developing specific and clear regulatory pathways for advanced diagnostics;

3. Developing clear pathways for fast and efficient reimbursement for advanced diagnostics;

4. Facilitating the integration of advanced diagnostics into clinical practice;

5. Increasing the appreciation of the value of advanced diagnostics.


Commenting on the report, BIVDA Chief Operating Officer Helen Dent said;


“We welcome the publication of this report by colleagues at EUCOPE. The recommendations on the promotion of advanced diagnostic testing and investment in genomics echoes many of BIVDA’s recent recommendations in our submissions to the Budget and No.10’s Innovation Taskforce and is the basis of the work we are doing here in the UK.


BIVDA will shortly be publishing a suite of policy papers which will examine the issues outlined in the EUCOPE report, which is a welcome contribution to the diagnostics debate.”





For more information please contact BIVDA External Affairs Manager


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