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Member Press Release - HORIBA Medical Obtains CE Mark Certification for Microsemi CRP New Generation - Microsemi CRP LC-767G

Microsemi CRP LC-767G


HORIBA Medical, specialists in automated in vitro diagnostic systems for haematology, haemostasis and clinical chemistry analysis, has obtained the CE Mark certification for its new generation of the Microsemi CRP haematology analyser, the Microsemi CRP LC-767G.


This new generation analyser Microsemi CRP LC-767G is more compact and proposes enhanced software and network connectivity providing higher memory, usability plus a new parameter: Granulocytes-to- Lymphocytes Ratio (GLR). The incredible robustness and ease of use of the Micros range are further improved for this new generation analyser.


Developed by HORIBA Medical in Japan, ‘emi’ means ‘smile’ in Japanese and stands for easy to use, maintenance free and Intelligent. After a highly successful release in Japan, this unique instrument is now available in Europe. This compact, easy to use addition to the Micros range, simultaneously provides a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) from just 18 µL of blood - all in just 4 minutes.


The Microsemi CRP LC-767G provides information of great clinical value enabling quicker and more accurate medical decisions at the Point of Care to ultimately reduce hospitalization times and patient costs. Its powerful and accurate CRP analysis allows the screening of patient samples to quantify the presence of inflammation caused by bacterial, viral (e.g. COVID-19), parasites infections (e.g. Malaria) and other treatable inflammatory diseases. Also, the simultaneous access to Lymphocytes, GLR and CRP provided on this analyser is very helpful for COVID-19 patient screening, monitoring and triage*. Measurement is possible immediately after blood sample collection from capillary sample, making this analyser the ideal choice for emergency testing situations.


This new Microsemi CRP LC-767G can also be used to assess infection and inflammatory conditions that require progressive observation. Furthermore, its micro-sampling capabilities are ideal for paediatric blood analysis, at the Point of Care requiring just 10µL for CBC and 18 µL for CBC+CRP, and can be used with capillary, as well as venous blood samples.


The Microsemi CRP is easy to use and does not require specialist staff. Comprehensive and efficient on- board software with colour touchscreen and easy to access patient and control results are features of the Microsemi CRP. Its design characteristics have created an environmentally friendly model that is incredibly compact, lightweight and quiet.


In 1998, HORIBA Medical released the world's first instrument for simultaneously measuring a CBC and CRP for medical institutions as a device that supports the infectious screening. Since then, a total of more than 24,000 units have produced worldwide.


* Reference: “COVID-19 screening, prognosis and severity assessment with biomarkers for management of patients”




This press release is available online at: obtains-ce-mark-certification-for-microsemi-crp-new-generation-microsemi-crp-lc- 767/?utm_source=constant-contact&utm_medium=press-release&utm_campaign=medical-hematology- uk&utm_term=microsemicrplc-767g-cemark-obtain



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