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BIVDA Press Release - BIVDA calls for a diagnostics industry of ‘critical mass’ to help fight future health challenges

BIVDA calls for a diagnostics industry of ‘critical mass’ to help fight future health challenges


BIVDA, the trade association for British in-vitro diagnostic companies, has submitted a response to the Government’s new Innovation Taskforce, set up by the Prime Minister to identify and develop proposals across a range of areas that will drive innovation and competitiveness, reduce barriers to start-ups and scale-ups, create opportunities for innovation to make the most of cutting-edge technologies, and support growth and dynamism right across the UK economy.


With science and innovation specifically part of the Taskforce brief, BIVDA has demonstrated that COVID-19 highlighted certain challenges the UK faces in terms of limited diagnostic manufacturing capacity, as well as the issues of dealing with a stretched international supply chain, which became an acute issue in the face of a global pandemic. An advanced and dynamic IVD industry will also help in a future pandemic by lending capacity and capability, identifying infectious diseases earlier, and developing tests to track them. As such, building a larger UK diagnostic industry from our strong base should be seen as a matter of national importance for the UK, and as a strategic asset. Amongst the recommendations in its submission, BIVDA emphasised;


  • Scalable manufacture provides the UK with huge export potential in a truly global market. It also provides significant of manufacturing onshoring opportunities, a trend we are likely to see across all manufacturing in the next decade.
  • Close collaboration between a growing diagnostic industry and the NHS provides the UK with a significant opportunity to improve patient outcomes. Validation by the NHS also has enormous international prestige which helps with exports.
  • Provision of UK diagnostic solutions to developing markets will enhance UK’s international standing, particularly needed in a post-Brexit world, and aid our response to future pandemics. The UK is already a net exporter of IVD products and with more focus and support, our exports can only grow.


Commenting on the submission, BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams said;

“Along with this week’s Budget, the Innovation Taskforce is another opportunity to put the spotlight on the UK IVD industry and wider life sciences sector. A thriving and well-supported IVD sector will be vital to both the economic and physical health of the United Kingdom over the coming years as we look to take advantage of new export opportunities abroad, and technological advance at home. The last year has shown the contribution that a strong IVD sector can make, both in times of national crisis, and in helping the NHS recover from the backlog of missed diagnosis since last March.  


The work of this Taskforce presents a real opportunity to turn the focus of policy onto an area of research, manufacturing and medical innovation that has traditionally not seen the government support it enjoys in other European countries, and build on the strong contribution of the IVD sector over the last twelve months. We hope the Government will consider these policies and stand ready to provide more information or support if needed.”




For more information please contact External Affairs Manager Jon Harrison




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