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Member Press Release - Revolutionise Your Pancreatic Elastase Testing with Alpha Labs

Revolutionise Your Pancreatic Elastase Testing with the New BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo
Faecal pancreatic elastase testing can now be automated, providing flexible and random access application on most clinical chemistry platforms. The new fPELA® turbo from BÜHLMANN is ideal for use in laboratory environments for identification and monitoring of pancreatic insufficiency in patients. There is the added advantage that it utilises the same CALEX extraction device as the fCAL turbo assay, so it is possible to run both tests from a single extract.

The fPELA technology is a milestone in automation of pancreatic elastase quantification. It reduces the hands-on time dramatically and allows reporting of pancreatic elastase results from human stool samples within the shortest time. Time to first result is just 10 minutes with further results following every few seconds thereafter, making it one of the fastest faecal elastase assays available.

Please visit to find out more about the fPELA® turbo, or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32 or email 


External Press Release - Paragon Health UK Based PPE Supplies

Please see attached a press release from Paragon Health regarding UK-manufactured PPE supplies. ...

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BIVDA Comments on membership of DIT Life Sciences TAG

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BIVDA Joins key DIT Trade Advisory Group on Life Sciences Internatio...

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BIVDA launches YouTube channel

BIVDA has launched a brand-new channel on YouTube.

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Press Release - BIVDA Comments on Budget 2021 support for life sciences

Press Release - BIVDA Comments on Budget 2021 support for life sciences  BIVDA, the trade assoc...

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UK continues to lag behind the European market for in-vitro diagnostic expenditure

IVD Market Statistics Report 2017 highlights differences in total healthcare expenditure and wide va...

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