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BIVDA Response to Cancer Research UK Report on Pathology Services

Cancer Research UK have today (23 November 2016) published a report which finds that UK pathology services are struggling to meet the rising number of patient samples that need to be tested.

Commenting on report, BIVDA’s Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams MBE said:

“It is impossible to overstate the importance of pathology services to the NHS. Around 70% of clinical decisions by healthcare professionals are already made using an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and with an ageing and growing population, demand is only going to rise.

“Pathology is key not only for the diagnosis of patients, but for the successful and efficient treatment and management of long term conditions too. Advances in IVDs can improve the time to diagnosis, and better inform treatment choices, leading to improved outcomes for patients and more efficient use of NHS resources.

“I would like to see investment directed at recruiting and training the pathology workforce of the future to help ensure that all patients receive a timely diagnosis.

However, it is also vital that we invest in innovative IVD technologies, such as digital pathology, which would allow the best use of the trained pathology specialists we currently have.

“For the benefit of patients, it is time for pathology to be recognised as being at the very heart of the NHS”.


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