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Statement from BIVDA Chief Executive on COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Please find below a statement from BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams regarding the new plans to scale up COVID-10 Testing Capacity.

Press Statement from Doris-Ann Williams MBE, CEO of BIVDA


There has been a great deal of interest this week in the activities of the IVD sector and the role that we can play in scaling up the provision of testing for COVID-19 – for patients, frontline workers and the general public.


On Wednesday evening BIVDA participated in a call with the Secretary of State to help form the ‘Five Point Plan’ or ‘Diagnostics Challenge’ subsequently outlined in the press. The Secretary of State has now issued a target of 100k test per day by the end of April. BIVDA, our members and the wider diagnostic community are rallying to do all they can to ensure the NHS can provide as many COVID-19 tests as possible, while continuing to ensure that all other tests needed by the NHS, including those needed to support the other care needs of hospitalised COVID-19 patents, are maintained, and provided as normal.


We will remain in close contact with the Department for Health and Social care over the coming days and weeks, to ensure all decision makers are clear as to the capacity of our sector, and what it needs to scale up in the way the Secretary of State, and indeed the country at large, needs us to do. 



For any further enquiries please contact Doris-Ann Williams on

Please note that due to high media interest there may be a short delay in responding to your enquiry. 


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