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Further update and briefing materials for Government Secured Freight Capacity

Update on Government Secured Freight Capacity

Further details on Government Secured Freight Capacity (GSFC) pricing and ticketing has been released this week in advance of the end of the Transition Period. Tickets will be available for purchase from next week, 23rd November and this can be arranged through current logistics providers. In order to register for the first time, details of this can be found here. To check up on a previous registration using existing credentials, please follow this link.

The Reasonable Worst-Case Scenario (RWCS) for borders at the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, estimates the rate of flow of trucks using short Strait crossings would be reduced to 60-80% of normal levels, leading to queues of around 7,000 trucks in Kent, with both imports and exports disrupted. In order to mitigate this risk, Government has secured freight capacity to enable goods to be moved through alternative routes. The GSFC service will be operational from 31st December 2020.

Normal market procedures will be followed where possible regarding the ticketing process. However, as this capacity is provided as a contingency measure, additional controls will be in place to ensure that this capacity is used in accordance with the conditions set out by the Department of Health and Social Care. The booking of tickets will be available through the existing ticketing mechanisms offered by the freight operators. Hauliers are required to provide operators with their Ticketing Access Code (TAC) and related Supplier Access Code(s) (SACs). Tickets for the Government Secured Freight Capacity will be sold as single legs for each inbound or outbound crossing. Upon registration a Supplier Access Code will be issued to the registrant. The code received will be a 14 digit alpha- numeric code - this is unique to each supplier and will be required at the point of booking a ticket.

Briefing documents are attached to this blog. 




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