An update from Doris-Ann on COVID-19



Dear All,


Understandably BIVDA is receiving a wide variety of concerns from our members in the current situation.


We cannot solve all, or maybe even many of these but will do our best. Where the same issues are being seen by more than one sector we are combining forces with ABPI, ABHI and BIA to address these.


An example is ongoing now to identify staff who should also be considered key workers from industry so that their children can also continue at school.


This cannot be a blanket exemption for the whole industry and time is short so we do need numbers and roles of staff you feel are essential to support the NHS, the obvious example being service engineers.


The DHSC has recognised this and have responded:


" Clearly who goes on the list is a decision for Cobra, balancing the need for it capture essential workers to keep the health and social care system's response moving at pace, and the rest of the country fed, but also the need eg to keep the vast majority of children at home. But rest assured we've clocked the need to keep the health and social care system's contractors and supply chains going and that has been picked up."


Other issues could be access to raw materials; access to products or components that the NHS also use; assurances that healthy staff can continue to work at your premises if required. The important thing is to provide as much information as possible to help us address issues.


Clearly this is an unprecedented situation and you all realise there will be disruptions to your businesses as well as your lives. Please be patient if you don't hear from

us immediately, we are all now working from home and trying to keep BIVDA output as normal as possible with the Weekly Update tomorrow.


All best wishes





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