Find out more about how BIVDA represents the IVD industry on behalf of its members. You can also access our Events Diary and Members’ Area. If you are not already a member, discover how you can ‘join us’!

Members Area

Here you can access a wide range of information on events, briefings and resources for members of BIVDA.

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The IVD Industry

The IVD industry is an innovative sector that through research and development, is delivering improved outcomes for the NHS, UK economy and most importantly, patients. IVDs are a vital component of all NHS front line services and an integral part of almost all patient pathways. As such, the contribution of the IVD industry to the health and wealth of our nation should not be underestimated.

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Join Us

Interested in joining as a BIVDA member? Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

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Events Diary

Calendar of all meetings and events organised by BIVDA for members and also for events that may be on interest to members and others in the industry but are not directly organised by BIVDA.

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BIVDA (The IVD technologies industry body) is the go-to organisation supporting members and key stakeholders to provide cost-effective patient outcomes using IVD technologies and innovation to transform patient pathways.

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BIVDA Press Releases

Our views on the latest policy, regulatory and legislative developments impacting the IVD industry.

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